Get Instagram followers and likes

Looking to know how to get more followers on instagram and likes? Follow the interesting tips share below to get Instagram likes and followers.


Get a Username which invites people

Username play a very important role to tell about your profile. Always go with branded username and avoided to use numbers in your username, keep it short and simple so other people can easily remember it. If you are using a complex and lengthy user name then it will make it difficult to get Instagram followers and Instagram likes.


Start following to get Instagram Followers

Now that you have a good username and you have created your account, it’s time to post a picture. Post at least one picture when you start following other users, that way they will know what to expect and they can decide if they like your style or not. If they like what they see, they will follow you back. This is your chance to make first impression. SO post same of your best photos.

Think of 20-30 people whose style you admire. These may be account of people you know personally or people you will probably never meet. That’s okay. Search for them on the explore page and if you can find them, follow them.


Like photos to get Instagram followers

As you find new users to follow, make sure to like a handful of their photos and comment on one, but don’t overboard. Remembered that every time you like a photo on Instagram the person receive notification. Imagine you have liked the 15 photos continuously how does the other person will fell? No one likes to get dozens of notification on their smart phone and many people got disturbed. So, be real and only like those photos which make you to like them. This will help you to get Instagram likes.


Comment on photos to get Instagram followers

Nothing screams desperation like finding out another instagram user has commented on 15 of your photo. You want to let other users know that you enjoy their work and have taken time to like them one that spoke to you most. But you don’t want to annoy them. Imagine you’re having a conversation with a friend in a real life and you say, “Hey, that shirt looks great on you!” That’s fine, but if you say “Hey that’s a great shirt, Also that new haircut is very flattering! Have you been working out? You look so healthy! May be you could come over and look at a project i have been working on, you have an amazing aesthetic. Wow, you are just a true friend.” then it starts to get uncomfortable and needy. Remember a comment is just a way to let other know you took a moment to appreciate someone’s photos whether you slip in a quick “nice shot! Or something thoughtful likes “that lighting here is beautiful, it really accentuates the mystical mood.” More comments will lead to more followers.


Purchase them

If you don’t have time to do all of above to get Instagram followers and get Instagram likes then there is always second choice, there are number of online companies who are selling Instagaram likes and Instagram followers in very cheap price. So, it is a great way to get Instagram followers by taking their services.